Real, deep change

Real, deep, lasting change takes time. It takes committing and recommitting. It takes finding the tools that work for you and using them over and over and over again. I know once we see what needs to be changed, once we see the wound and how we contributed to it, we want instant healing. Go into consumption mode, that’s what we as humans were conditioned to look for: instant gratification. And because it’s so uncomfortable we want someone to take care of it, anyone, just not having to do the work ourselves. “Clear it, clean it, make it go away, remove the block, the obstacle, the hurt, QUICK.” Until it resurfaces.

I have no interest in having you depend on me and my healing abilities. Can I guide you through a healing? Yes. Can I bring you the messages from your Soul and Source your ego doesn’t want you to hear? Yes. Can I tell you exactly what’s in your way? Yes. Will you feel the infinite possibilities and your magic at your fingertips while working with me? Yes. Can I do this in a way that teaches you how to move forward and address what’s holding you back when it will resurface? Yes. I’m not here for the quick fix. There are no quick fixes, only temporary reliefs until the next layer emerges. And you have no clue how to deal with that, because the last layer was removed by someone else. I don’t believe in performing something for you so you can temporarily feel better. If you want someone to wave their magic wand at you so you can have a miracle happen before the clock strikes midnight and everything goes back to “normal” because the new state wasn’t sustainable, I urge you to find someone else to put on a show for you.

What I can do is unlock certain doors for you and then hand you the keys. Leave you with the tools to open these and many other doors inside of yourself for yourself. To give you a taste of all the magical abilities you carry inside, how you could feel every day. You want to experience Flow? I can show you how to get there, to stay there.

And I don’t want to do it FOR you. To do the consistent work to make that change last, it will take time. I’m happy to support you and guide you through your transition. You have to take the responsibility for yourself, you have to do the work.

Once you stop chasing the quick fix and are ready for deep healing and transformation and willing to do the work that will keep you in Flow...I will be here. You know how to find me. Simply send me a message with: “I’m ready!” and we take it from there. 💋