One golden rule

There is only one golden rule. It’s the rule that weaves through every religion and belief system I’ve encountered in my studies like a golden thread, the one that connects them all. The wording in each of the religions is a bit different, at it’s core though this rule is always the same: “We are all connected. Treat others like you want to be treated.”

It’s about kindness and doing no harm. It’s about respect for life and the awareness that our actions affect others.

The Wiccan wording says:”Do as you wish, as long as you harm none.”

I follow this rule as best as I can with the knowledge and awareness that I have. Once I gain more awareness and see in which way I’m doing harm I alter my actions as fast as I can. That’s the continuous transition I’m in and that will most likely last my whole life. Once I know better I do better and can take on more responsibility for my beliefs, thoughts, words and actions.“

Excerpt from WITCH: Woman in Transition coming Home

This golden rule has been broken. Not only in the US, worldwide. And now that our black siblings have started to share their pain and how they have been hurt loud enough for everyone to hear, have brought the harm into the collective awareness, into light, it’s time to alter our actions. 🖤