"Magical woman..."

“Magical woman, You are a faith keeper In this time where others Are shaken and fearful You are the visionary Dreaming a new world Into being Open to receive Conceive The pictures Of a world Where we are All equal And value Our planet Honour Our lineage And remember Our traditions While bringing them Forward Stand tall Be courageous Raise your voice Roar Or whisper But speak Of a world Limitless Filled with kindness And hope Gratitude And laughter And all other Shades of LOVE You can think of “Imagine” was yesterday Time to go deeper Time for devotion A worldwide revolution By doing What you know In your heart That needs to be done If you can imagine it You can describe it If you can describe it You can share it If you can share it We can build it Together. Planting seeds Of new ways Of being In our communities Can you see it? A world where Rest is valued As is play Food is medicine Creating and repairing Takes the place Of consuming And resources are shared Knowledge handed on And people Make time For the things That are important To them And use their energy And money For essentials For what matters We will hold This vision Until we take Our last breath The witches and Light workers Shamans and Medicine Women Seers and Mediums Priestesses and Earth Angels Empaths and Intuitives Unite and Will not rest Until it’s here.” 🌸 Channeled 02.04.2020 🌸 May your life be filled with Flow,

Annika x