Hopeful and Devoted

“How can I serve?” I asked. “What can I do today to build a brighter future for all of us?”

It started on Friday, after my body signalled very clearly by doubling the size of the (benign) tumour in my neck that I needed to prioritise sleep more. And so I slept and napped and slept some more. Until I woke up on Saturday morning with that question in my mind and for the first time in months the answer was not “rest”, “relax” or “write your book”.

Since then the Divine sent me on a walk, reminded me to watch a movie I wanted to see, asked me to harvest nettle tops and started sending information about the way I need to start serving again. Much earlier than I thought, as our little man is not even three weeks old yet. And I feel the call, the „Go!“ energy pulling me forward after months of resting in preparation for now.

I’m hopeful that this intense time will bring a much needed shift and I’m devoted to help the Universe/God/Source in any way I can.

Going forward there are three ways I will be showing up again:

1. I opened myself up to support others 1:1 as Soulmidwife again,either in single sessions or bespoke long term packages. You can book an hour with me or apply for transition support under https://www.annikafrey.com/121

2. I’m starting a new group experience, a natural progression from my 2017 program SiA (Surrender into Action) called “Devotion”, sign up will open on Saturday and we will start on Monday the 13th of April. More info about this under www.annikafrey.com/devotion

3. Following my book WITCH and the clarity I gained about my role as Wisdom Keeper I have created a FREE Facebook Group called “Sisterhood of the Ivy Lineage” ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/ivylineage/ ) . It’s a safe space to explore Magic, connection and devotion through rituals and the teachings in my book.

Please join me over there if that sounds like fun to you! 🌿

Annika x