Higher and higher

Higher and higher

And higher we reach

Take tools for ascension

Based on experiences

And connection

we don’t understand

“It feels so good”

And then you crash

You lose the connection

And in your desperation

To find it again

You search for another spiritual tool

Another teacher

Another culture

You can appropriate



The continuous connection

You are searching for

Cannot be found

Outside of yourself

Come back

What you are searching for

Cannot be found in the heights

Do not try to hold on to the leaves


Come back to your Roots

Your ancestors are waiting

To be able to teach you

Your Soulroots

Are right there

To empower you.


Channeled on 04.06.2020

It all started with this sketch on a piece of paper... and now it’s almost here, my new group program, a spirit-led journey to your ancestors and your Soulroots. Are you ready for this adventure? I’m happy to guide you. We start on the New Moon 🌑 If this calls you you can find more info through the link in the menu. I would love to welcome you there!