Almost Summer Solstice

This week will end with the Dark of the Moon, the time in the mooncycle for introspection and to receive impulses from the depth of your Soul. At the same time this week ends with the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, midsummer or summer solstice. This occasion is celebrated by many nature based religions, in the Witches' wheel of the year it is called "Litha". The days leading up to this joyful celebration of the sun and life are perfect for reviewing how your life has changed since the last equinox and the last solstice, what you did and didn't enjoy and what worked well for you - and what didn't. So you can adjust your focus, priorities, boundaries, non-negotiables and actions accordingly. Without these check-ins it's easy to fall out of alignment, to disconnect and take a detour from your Soulpath, as you change and grow your life needs regular adjustments too.

Look at your week and make some space, magical one, to review and adjust, so when the wheel turns on Sunday you are going into the next portion of the year motivated and in Flow.