I am...pregnant?!?

I don’t even know how often I have to yell this in this lifetime, but here we go (again): PLOT TWIST!

While I was preparing to get my tubes tied, searching for a clinic who would do the procedure even though I am “so young”...the Universe had other plans. Two weeks ago as a total surprise we learned that another light is joining our family. Baby no 4 is on its way.

I Trust that this is to the highest good of all and Surrender to a plan far bigger than I could understand. After two very harsh experiences, my body&mind being in a lot of pain during the last two pregnancies I feel fear around this new adventure. And I decided that this time around, with this baby I will have a healthy&joyful pregnancy.

To care for myself and baby the best I can I have two requests:

1. Please don’t send me any intuitive messages, unsolicited advice, energetic readings or anything similar regarding my body, pregnancy or baby.

Instead I would ask you to

2. Hold the vision of me walking, moving around, being able to lift my legs with a joyful smile on my face while having a big belly/ holding a healthy newborn.

After the initial shock we adjusted quite quickly and made a lot of decisions over the last two weeks. We’re looking forward to this new adventure and are already curious how life as a family of six will be. For now I'm retreating into the space to process this turn of events. May your life be filled with Flow,

Annika x