Please stop the Spiritual Masturbation!

I observed myself yesterday morning lying in bed, my guided meditation done, in stillness and it felt SO GOOD! I mean SO SO GOOD! Pleasure and relaxation streaming through my energetic body, I felt weightless and filled with pure bliss. I soaked up the feeling, caused through both the beautiful connection to the Divine and the clarity of my next steps, getting ready to return into my physical body when a voice in my head whispered: “Just stay here a little longer! It’s so nice here and I’m sure you’ll get even greater insights…” And I deepened my breath even further, let myself sink into the Universal connection, thinking, no, moaning in pleasure: “Oh yes…”

Followed by a flash of a picture of my partners face, chuckling and his voice in my head “You know that Spiritual Masturbation won’t get you where you want to go, right?” So reluctantly I wiggled my fingers and my toes and even though an echo of the vibration of bliss stayed in my body for a moment I regretted that I needed to come back. Being at peace within me is so much easier in meditation, being calm and centred when I’m all by myself, no children demanding attention and screaming and making weird sounds and behaving irrationally, no partner, no clients, no friends, no family to think about and be mindful of and kind to.

My daily connection time is a non-negotiable to check in with my Soul and Spirit for the tasks of the day. And when I received them it’s time to use my physical form to ACTUALLY GO OFF AND DO THEM. The thing is that the steps I receive are most of the time way out of my comfort zone. To actually do them I need to feel my fear and my doubts and examine my worries and my beliefs and do all the other really uncomfortable things that are linked to growing…it would be so much easier to stay in my bedroom, away from everyone, high on endorphins and undisturbed in my bliss. Jerking off spiritually so I don’t have to engage with other human beings and the tasks and challenges that come with the human experience. I made a commitment to myself that my vision of what I need to, want to, have to create in this lifetime is too vivid, too strong and honestly too juicy to let it go for some short term gratification. The guidance that comes in will bring me to that vision. But only if I come out of isolation and act on it. And while masturbation, the physical and the spiritual kind, has it’s place and is great for tension release and to gain clarity, it’s not meant to be a replacement for our purpose - to live our life as a divine expression of Source. Another form of the Spiritual Masturbation is to do another healing, another course, another trip, another reading, being told the same step over and over and over again without implementing it, ignoring the guidance - searching for the highs of learning and healing without valuing the lows that come with practising and doing. The set backs, the detours, the frustrations that come when we do something that we never did before. If you want different results than the ones you had before, if you crave a different experience than the one you have right now…that doesn’t come from staying in your meditation or hiding behind “more to heal”, pretending to act while you’re not, just mentally, emotionally or intellectually filling yourself up while still doing the same things as before. It comes from action, initiating change. So tell me, what are you going to ACT on today?

Whatever came in right now as an answer, trust that thought lovely, trust that idea! I know your mind is already trying to analyse why you can’t do that, that there is no time and/or money... all the pros and cons overwhelm you and you delay making a decision you can act on, think more meditation will bring the answer. And your Soul pulls back again, shuts down, disconnects.

Living a Soul Led Life means doing the things that will bring you forward anyway. And if you want support and guidance in know where to find me!

May your life be filled with Flow 🌿

Annika x

Your Shortcut to your Soul

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