After the expansion comes...the Expansion Hangover

Every time you stretch yourself, you go to the very edge of your (perceived) limits, you say, share or do something that your Ego (I call it your Protective or Shieldmaiden) sees as unsafe...there will be an expansion hangover, a day or even couple of days where you feel you went to far, your body feels weak, adjusting on a physical level to the energetic change.

That's when you need to triple your self care. Prepare your schedule for this, so when it comes you have enough dedicated time to nap/ enjoy a massage/ journal or watch a movie in bed. Instead of stressing out about having to do all the things. Implement this change and you will see that once you made it through and your body got used to your new frequency ( what's possible for you now) you can bounce back into action. Expansion hangovers for us female entrepreneurs occur often after a launch/ a fb live/ a vulnerable conversation or post/ [insert your most stretching thing here]. It helps so much to know that this is NORMAL and to be expected after a growth spurt/ quantum leap/ massive step forward.

May your life be filled with Flow 🌿

Annika x

Your Shortcut to your Soul

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