The Soul facet integration space

Last weekend I opened a message from one of my Soul sisters. In it she wrote about a vision she had while reading one of my posts, after asking me if I was open to hear what she saw. This is part of her message: “I felt a sense of overwhelm, but it isn’t coming from the Annika you see in the mirror. It is a younger Annika. I see it as you having so many children screaming for your attention, your time, your love. The 3 you birthed and each younger Annika.” Through that I knew what I needed to do. In my mind there is a place, I call it my integration space, where I bring younger parts of myself that have been split off. These Soul facets appear in the mirror in my integration space and I do a healing with them, to welcome them back. This is one of the methods I use regularly with my clients too, but when I saw that this time a 7-panelled mirror was waiting for me I knew I needed help. After checking in with my partner if he would help me I wrote him a script and last Sunday we got to work. With three I had done deep healing work before, three of them were new to me. I was relieved to see my current self reflected back to me in the middle panel. A powerful, deep internal shift happened that day and the following week, while my external world and my physical body slowly caught up. The picture of the 7-panelled mirror was so intense that I had the urge to turn it into a vision painting. Today I finished it and decided to share it with you.

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