Now remember love

That you’re exactly that:


So treat yourself gently

And with love

While you start exploring

Who this new version

Of you is.

What do you like?

What do you believe in? What do you stand for?

How do you talk?

And what lights you up? Once you know

It’s time to give

Your loved ones

A crash course

In who you are

Before they assume

That they already know you Then treat you

In an old way

That’ll push you


Or leads to you retreating

Sometimes this transition This waking up

The up level process

Will feel lonely

And like you are

The only one I ask you to trust me on this

And believe me

When I say

That you are NOT alone

You’re a part

Of a massive wave Of people on this planet Levelling up

Waking up

To the fact

That they are LOVE

And that the reality

That they created

Doesn’t match

Who they are now.

So please

Look at me

Take my hand

And join us

By remembering

That YOU are LOVE.

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