Healing Mama

I step out Of the building Clutching the handles Of the buggy To each side A child Chatting excitedly About their morning Five seconds And ten steps On our way The rain mixes With the tears Running down My face “Mom what’s wrong?” He looks up to me With his wide eyes His hand on mine “I don’t know I just feel like crying It’s an old story leaving I guess” The tears don’t stop They appear Never ending Through making lunch Through the call Of my concerned partner And into the movie We chose while making popcorn And then They stop The heaviness lifts Off my chest And I lie on the couch With my children Around me Snuggled up And safe I breathe Deeply into my belly “You’re feeling better?” Yes. Yes I do. And I smile At the miraculous Knowing of my body How to heal Another layer.

#poems #love #unconditionallove #motherhood #healing #tears