This is the second of a three part poem, released on the second 3-3-3 day of the year. It's about the time just after awakening. Receive my free Soul Expression Activation right here 👉

Remember When you remembered That you are LOVE

And after that moment

Of sheer delight

In comes

Overwhelm and doubt

Regret and resentment

And the amount

Of messes

You created in the past

Takes your breath away

All the conversations

All the forgiveness

All the apologies All the healing

That you feel

The urge To have, to give, to make To go through Bury you

Leave you tired

And depressed

Before you can even begin

To express The earth rumbles

Underneath you

You stumble

And fall to your knees

Because NOTHING is

As it was before Your reality crumbles

And no matter

Which piece of your world

You try to hold on to


They all dissolve

Until only

A blank canvas

Is left


It’s ok It’s ok my dear

Deep breath

Lie down, rest

Give yourself the chance

To integrate the new knowledge

You have gained

To catch up With the internal shift

Unrecognisable to most

Only seen by those

Who can see energy And while you start filling that canvas Remember That YOU are LOVE.

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