The back door

I got tired mingling over the daily question, unspoken, lingering, my body wondering: “Are you staying with me one more moment, one more day? Are you joining me or are you going to pull up and out again? Considering to end it all?” The day I trusted that my Soul indeed had chosen the perfect body for this lifetime and realised I don’t have to decide when it’s time to go…that she, this beautiful body of mine, will make this decision for me in Divine Timing…EVERYTHING changed. THE BACK DOOR I closed a door today Deleted an option That I considered

For many years By committing

To my body


I promised her

That from this day on It’s no longer a decision

Between her and my mind

If we continue this life Together.

I found out That the missing piece To feeling fully safe

Is to commit

To this Sacred Union

Between her and me Is Trust.

Trusting That she always wants

What’s best for me.

She decides. I’m staying here

With her where I


I trust her

To make the choice

When it’s time for me

To leave this planet. I close the back door

Of suicide

I left open

For all these years

Causing us so much pain Through my lack of Awareness.

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