There is nothing wrong with you

You don’t need fixing

You don’t need improvement

You don’t need to change


The only thing you are here

To do

Is to experience

How it is being YOU


So the only thing

That will bring you

The flow, the ease

The abundance, the joy

That you long for


Is learning more about


And who you are

At your core

What works

And what doesn’t


Your Soul chose your preferences

Your circumstances

Your body

Your gender

Your parents

For a reason


None of it

Was a mistake

So stop treating it

Like that

Stop trying to fix

What isn’t broken

And love

All of you instead


You are whole

You are complete

You are amazing, enchanting

Incredible and magical

Beautiful inside and out

You have everything you need

Within you

💜🔥💙 Annika x

#selflove #love #you #notbroken #whole #healing #awakening