Sacred work of the mother

A thought crossed my mind yesterday: “What difference do I make right now?” And the answer came into my head, as loud and clear as if someone was sitting beside me. “You’re making all the difference for them!”

Every drop of milk, every head stroke, every belly rub, every midnight snuggle, every tear kissed away, every nappy changed, every hug given, every book read, every meal prepared, every house built, every song sang, every picture drawn together, every tickle, laughing, every hand held, every encouragement offered, every curious question patiently answered, every boundary lovingly drawn...

All of this is the sacred work I’m doing right now. The sacred work of the mother. Being present, guiding and loving them, making sure my cup is filled so I can give from overflow. Using the time my partner is here to sleep and shower and meditate and move, so I can do my sacred work without losing myself in it. Feeding myself the food my body loves, even if that means cooking something different for myself, napping with them, asking for help without feeling guilty that I can’t do it all myself, hiring the cleaner, acknowledging little different choices, celebrating every day I don’t lose my cool. Taking note of what does work and what doesn’t, just to surrender to the fact that what worked yesterday doesn’t anymore today, but might work tomorrow again. Learning to surrender again on a very subtle level, not about the big, bold leaps, but the tiny moments.

And so another day begins. Sending love to all my fellow mamas awake in these early hours, feeding, snuggling, loving, doing their sacred work while I do mine. I love you!

Annika x

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