10 sign you are part of the juicy energetic wave awakening the sacral chakra

An energetic wave of awakening of the Divine Feminine is going through our collective consciousness right now, and it seems like in the last couple of weeks we arrived at another peak, the awakening of the ancient powers of our sacral chakra on a much larger scale than ever before. For too long pleasure was something we women provide, not something we experience. What is it that ends sex? Up until now the male release, most man don't know if their female partner came when they think back to their last intercourse. I learned at a very young age to remove myself from the sexual experience and just let it pass by as form to make others happy. But right now we are moving into a new age, bringing back the balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine and with it comes the power that lies within the feminine sexuality and the female orgasm. I found myself exploring the connection between the seemingly different themes of the sacral chakra - money, sexuality, addiction and creativity - shortly after I worked through most of the pain, guilt and shame around my rape experience. Back in February 2016, after month of tensing up when my husband would touch me anywhere close to my breasts or my bum or give me a kiss lasting longer than a millisecond and no sex for months - basically since the memory of the rape had resurfaced in November - I knew I had to look into how to resolve this. And so I started. I read books, did masterclasses, dipped my toe into tantra and other sensual practises, spend time every day looking at my naked body. I cried looking at my vagina with a little hand mirror, seeing, appreciating and accepting it fully as part of my body for the first time in my life. I learned to love my body, loving myself, period. I learned about sacred sexuality, about orgasmic meditation, orgasmic birth and orgasmic creation/ manifestation. Slowly I came to see that everything related to the sacral chakra at it’s core is creation. It’s physical place, two fingers down from your navel is where the centre of creation sits: The womb. Creativity stems from this place too, following your gut brings the most amazing results when it comes to any art form. Money is a manifestation of the energy exchange you create. And unfortunately humans with a highly active sacral chakra are also very prone to addiction, as staying connected with it requires either facing or numbing the full range of emotions that comes with it.

A little bit over a year into my secret studies, waking up more and more to the creation powers that my sensuality and sexuality, my clear sacral chakra and my yoni/cunt/vagina are holding, one of the teachers I adored, a bright light in the community about eliminating shame around sexuality took her own life in March this year. The amazing and magnetic Psalm Isodora had given Dennis and me tools to connect to each other on an even deeper level than before and although I never met her in person her death impacted me greatly. I heard the call to step up and talk about what I had found to be true for me coming back to earning my sacred sexuality and how we can harness the power every single woman holds in herself. When Psalm died I was in the middle of creating the different video modules for the Light Maiden Academy/ Soul Garden and decided to use the last Module against my plans for talking about the things that we normally don’t talk about: Money, Sex and Drugs (and addiction in general). In there, in my other signature program “Surrender into Action” and with my 1:1 clients I have shared what I have found to be true for me, and in a couple of places I felt really safe. To most of the people I mentioned this it came as quite a shock that I, the one with the face of an innocent girl, would talk and share so openly about something normally unspoken of.

I haven’t talked about this on a public level. And I felt the pull to change this now. The message came in louder and louder in the last couple of weeks, when more and more of my clients, friends and acquaintances turned to me with questions about sacred sexuality or sharing that they feel a major awakening of their sacral chakra, like a deep roar coming from inside. Calling them to own and use it for unlimited co-creation.

This brings us here, to this blogpost. Chances are high that, if you are reading this post right now, you have felt the roar inside you. Maybe you were well aware of what is happening and maybe this is all new and even a little scary for you. No matter where you are right now in terms of discovering your sacral chakra here is the information I want to share with you:

Signs you’re going through an awakening/ expanding of the sacral chakra

1. You have been having vivid sex dreams and/ or visions Honestly, my own sex dreams and daydreams have been off the charts these last couple of weeks. I’m not that big of a dreamer, most times I can’t remember anything when I wake up. This has changed quite drastically, I have had several visions and dreams of intense sexual encounters with both men and women and also with me having the experience of being a man in the last weeks. When I did a quick research asking I my network I found out I’m not the only one.

2. You have been feeling a vibrating or “roaring” in your vagina/ lower belly area This feeling of a higher energy vibration in my creation area has been with me shortly after I started exploring my body last year. Not suppressing my spiritual gifts any longer allows me to see when the energy around the sacral chakra of another person starts pulsing too. So I was in the lucky position to be able to reassure several women who experienced this in the last weeks that it is a completely normal part of the process.

3. You have felt the urgent need for sex outside of your ovulation phase Looking at the natural cycle we women go through every month while we are in the menstruating phase of our life we have a couple of days where our sex drive is high, driven by the hormone testosterone. This gives us a hint how most men feel all the time. It’s like a separate channel is open with wildly sexual thoughts coming out of nowhere. In this time in general we prefer a quickie and sex that comes straight to the point instead of a long foreplay. If this is happening for you on most days it’s another point for an awakening happening.

4. An abundance of ideas for new creations has been flooding in With the heightened want for sexual release comes also a release of other sorts: Ideas. In case you have had a dry spell and felt uninspired and suddenly you can’t stop scribbling down ideas into your journal about the articles you want to write, the events you want to organise, the performances and speeches you want to bring to the stage or the products you want to create…yep, another sign that your sacral is awakening.

5. You notice that you are sabotaging yourself When all of this is new and scary for the Protective Maiden/ the Ego, as it would bring you out of your comfort zone the easiest way to stop is going into addictive behaviour. To numb down and distract us from the sexual thoughts and the new ideas overating/ overdrinking/ overspending/ watching TV or immersing yourself in facebook and other social media happens when we are not conscious enough around what is really going on. So if you have been finding yourself doing one or ALL of these things instead of looking at what is going on inside your head…this is another sign you are part of this energetic wave helping the Divine Feminine to rise and get the world back into balance.

6. Past sexual trauma has been coming up to be released It wouldn’t surprise me if the recent #MeToo campaign ( more about that in my posts HERE and HERE) played a large role in this. Almost every woman has their own wounding and experiences around sexual harassment and assault and for the first time it became clear to ALL of us how large this collective problem is. And it brought up a lot of painful memories and also beautiful, brave shares and releases. What follows then is a new awareness of our sexuality and how it has been shamed and compromised. Please, if memories come up go and get help to work your way through, from someone who can hold space for you. I promise you it’s much more fun on the other side, once you went through the darkness and talking about it is the first step!

7. You find yourself curious to learn about new/ different techniques to bring pleasure into your life This was a big one for me. The best resource I can share with you for this in regards to sexual pleasure is, hands down, www.OMGyes.com. I bought the subscription to their site and it has been so full of different techniques and lovely insights it’s incredible. It has changed the way I masturbate and the way my partner can bring me pleasure too, as it has given me words to describe what I want and need. But pleasure comes in more than just the sexual form. Most days, even if I don’t leave the house very often right now, I put perfume or scented oil on. Because it brings me pleasure to smell it. After breakfast the boys play while I’m sitting at the table, enjoying my tea or hot chocolate before cleaning the table and getting my preschooler ready. I take some extra couple of minutes under the shower, just enjoying the warm water on my skin. When the sun comes out I sit on the couch and close my eyes, letting it warm my face. Finding pleasure in every day moments has been a big learning for me, making time for it, not chasing time, trying to get as much done as possible. Have you been more curious and open about doing things in a more enjoyable way?

8. Words like sensual, creation, orgasmic and pleasure etc. keep popping up around you Our subconscious mind highlights words that are important for us moving forward on our spiritual journey. With me deepening into the birthing space I suddenly found myself researching about orgasmic birth and pleasuring yourself or letting your partner pleasure you in labour. Because “What brought the baby in brings the baby out”. I’m really curious, after the magical experience I had last time with my second, if I can make this birthing experience an “orgasmic” one. If words connected to your sexuality keep coming up around you, in your newsfeed, on signs and magazines and emails and everywhere you go please start looking into this!

9. You feel yourself craving for new experiences Creation needs inspiration. And inspiration doesn’t come from the same old. So you find yourself desiring experiences you never had before. This can but doesn’t need to be paired with your sexual fantasies. I find myself coming back to the fantasy of sexual experiences I had been longing for before my trauma resurfaced. My partner and I have a very fluid relationship when it comes to sex and our marriage. We both fell in love with other people while being married and allowed each other to explore the possibilities. So just because I am married doesn’t mean that I can’t go and have the experiences I’m craving for sexually. More in the way of this is currently my giant pregnant belly. But next year everything is ready for expansion in that area again too. Desire, no matter for what, another job, another city, another person, another place is based on finding inspiration in the new situation and also opening yourself up to a more pleasurable experience. The best tip I can give you if you feel you need a change is that it is safe for you to change your mind and reassess the current situation. At the end it is your experience, nobody else’s. So make it the best it can be!

10. Tasks you procrastinated on for months suddenly flow out of you effortlessly With the sacral chakra awakening or being cleared passion, clarity and new energy start flowing. In my opinion one of the best ways to move stagnant energy here is an orgasm. And suddenly you are finding yourself taking on projects, writing emails and getting tasks ready that you have been pushing away for forever. So if number 5 has been in your life for too long and you are sabotaging yourself through procrastination maybe it's time to move some of that energy!

If you have noticed one or more of these signs in the last couple of weeks (or months for that matter) don’t be afraid. I invite you to be curious instead. Take it at your own pace, but keep moving forward. Get familiar with your body, especially the parts connected to the sacral chakra, go through the healing work, explore new possibilities, get inspired and open up to receive. Your partner will be grateful for the chance to learn and provide. Help raise the awareness around this and shift the perception of sex, sensuality and a sexual appetite as something that needs to be hidden, that we need to keep secret to what it is: Natural and quite possibly one of the greatest gifts we have in this human experience. Get playful. Relax. And most of all: Have fun with it! Sending you so much Love&Light,

Annika x

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