How to birth this child

As I'm deepening into the birthing space, preparing for this baby to be born, re-publishing my collection of empowered and empowering birth stories and the tools that helped creating them at I am reminded of the big WHY that got me started in the online world in the first place.

The more I research, prepare, throwing myself into the ever changing new facts and findings around pregnancy and birth, breast feeding and post partum depression, the more passionate I get. And the more I see how pregnancy and birth are a metaphor for the way we bring any "baby" into this world, a new project, a new life phase, a new version of ourselves. Two weeks ago a poem/song came in while I was sitting in meditation, it just flowed out of me onto the page, completing a mantra I started singing after the Light Maiden Ireland Retreat in September: “I trust my body to know how to birth this child.” And I knew I had to record and share it. So I did. It took me two weeks to work through my fears of stepping on other people’s toes, not wanting to upset others, the fear of being judged and hated on for the opinions and ideas I share in this video. At the end I did it anyway. And what motivated me was an event I was invited to host on Saturday: A Mother Rising ceremony. More about the event over on the Light Mothers blog HERE. Sharing my Truth with the women attending left them feeling empowered and knowing that they can trust their body and make their own informed conscious choices. I saw their lights being turned on while I shared my story and my experiences. So when I came home I decided to share the same message, packed into the poem/song as wide as I could. Here it is:

The feedback I got was wonderful, especially from people who weren’t pregnant but shared with me that it made them realise what wisdom their body carries. That they need to focus on the times things flow and feel good, "move from rest to rest, not contraction to contraction." And that, no matter what or whom you are birthing, the same principles apply. Trusting yourself, the whispers within and your body’s ability to guide you, plus surrounding yourself with a support team you trust and who has your back in case of the “breakdown before breakthrough” or what we call “transition between first and second stage of labour” in the birthing world. Someone who tells you: “You’ve got this, you can do this, it might take longer than you expected, but hang in there. You are almost there! Relax and work with whatever wants to move through you, not against it!” “Birthing” this video was exhausting - AND exciting. Now I feel like I’m in recovery mode, I didn’t even get out of my PJ today and had three naps. And I feel accomplished. This feels important and like a message that needs to reach more people, especially here in Ireland where the c-section rates are still climbing and an epidural is standard. But also people who feel stuck trying to follow other people’s rules while “birthing” their own creative project, following their Soul whispers.

Sending you Love&Light, Annika x

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