Ida the Balinese High Priestess

A week ago, on the last New Moon before I turned 30, I had a wonderful and powerful experience, that has changed me for forever. I couldn’t share it at the time, because I had to process and integrate it first before sharing it. Me and my family went to see the High Priestess Ida Resi Alit for her “Melukat”, an Hindu Purification Ritual performed with blessed water. This experience was a gift from my dear friend Kimberly. Originally we wanted to go together, but the Divine had other plans. So she went two weeks ago when we already had left for the East Coast and Amed. In the early morning hours I packed in my family and left Amed for a day trip to Ubud. About to meet the youngest High Priestess of Bali, who passed her exam to become High Priestess at the age of 21 after being prepared through divine downloads of mudras, mantras and rituals for two weeks.

I was super excited and had looked forward to this for months. I had seen an interview with her and every word she said could have come out of my mouth, when she talked about water and the elements in general being her teachers. So I already felt deeply connected to her. On the way our driver said he would take care of our children while Dennis and me would go through the cleansing part of the ritual and our guide, a lovely French lady called Marie, who has been here for 16 years, took pictures with our camera.

When we walked into the Ashram we could hear the Water Priestess singing her mudras in a song that gave me goosebumps. Several people were meditating nearby in a pavilion and after we changed into our sarongs we joined them.

Then the first two women stood up and took their place, standing in front of Ida, who started singing her mantras again while pouring holy water over their heads. Tears started running down my face and I’m crying again while I’m sitting here, writing this. I could see the release, the energy being washed away, the blocks, the fears. An incredible powerful release happened during these couple of minutes, them washing their faces and stomping the ground to not lose their connection to Mother Earth while one of their layers just got washed away.

Dennis and the boys sitting in the pavilion

My children sat with their Dad, silent, watching. Then, after witnessing a couple of more releases, some big, some smaller, some quiet and some audible it was our turn. We had written down three intentions, as affirmations, so in present tense as if they were already true and they were in our offerings for the Priestess. When we stepped in front of her she asked us to remember our intentions and then led us into deep breathing. I was so present with my breath I forgot that the water will pour down on me. So when the first stream of water came I was totally surprised by it. I stayed focused on my intentions while swaying to the strange music of her voice, washing my face when she told me too, other times stomping my feet while holding my palms pressed together in front of my heart space. I felt Dennis next to me, his inner warrior coming to the front, while my inner warrior maid made her way out, ready to deal with ANYTHING that would come our way.

The priestess stopped and said: “Listen, now listen closely. Let it out. Let it all out, everything that wants to come out.” And then she continued with her song, pouring more water over us. For a moment I was waiting for Dennis and his warrior cry and Ida touched my forehead slightly and said: “Wash your face and then LET IT OUT.” Tears streamed down my face, hot and salty, mixing with the holy water pouring over me. I started weeping, then full on contractions went through my whole body and I sobbed uncontrollably. And then it was over. Another layer washed away. Another part of me recovered and integrated.

And I felt calm. Serene. Deeply connected to Mother Earth, Spirit and all the wonderful Souls around me. We received a little bracelet from the Water Priestess, then turned around and stepped into the sunshine. A couple of more minutes in (almost) silence, completely drenched and dripping on the floor, side by side. Soaking up the sun. Hearing our children laugh all focused on the pillow fight they were having with our driver Nyoman.

Then, while Aidan went with Nyoman to look at the monkeys, Lucan, this wonderful little 4 year old miracle, joined us for a gratitude prayer in the temple behind the place where the Priestess kept performing her ritual with more visitors. He copied everything Marie showed us, and meditated and prayed with us. And I was amazed by how spiritual my little boy already is, being surrounded by it and growing up with it as being normal. I also had to chuckle looking back, thinking that one year ago I couldn’t have pictured us as a family in an Ashram in Bali.

And then my favourite moment happened when we had changed back into our dry clothes. I asked Ida if I could give her a hug as a thank you and she came down from her space and hugged me. We then had a short chat about how she handles all these releases and about energy and being a healer. She hugged both my children and blessed our family as a whole, including the new little life that has started growing inside me. She waved us goodbye, with a smile on her face, after giving me another hug and telling how blessed I am with my children being so happy and healthy. I will never forget this moment, where I saw that us coming there gave her something as well.

Now you might understand why it took me a full week to process this. A full week before I was able to share the whole thing. And still I cried even more beautiful releasing tears today, writing it all out. Processing it even more. If you come to Bali and want to experience this I can only recommend Marie and Ubud Spirit Bali. You can book the High Priestess Experience and many other offerings right HERE! *EDIT: This experience will be part of my Bali retreat happening in June 2018. If you are interested please subscribe to my love letter list below to be the first to know the details!* Sending you much Love&Light, Annika x