Do you trust the Universe? Jump!

"Jump! I'll catch you!" The excitement on his little face. The fear. The thoughts in his head going back and forth in the seconds before he would decide to trust me and leap. To feel the fear and do it anyway. And I saw my own fears in his face. What if...? What if I can't come up with the money? What if I fail? What if I jump and the universe isn't there to catch me? What if I'm wrong? What if it's too far?

The next opportunity to leap is here. The retreats. The perfect venue, twice, in Ireland and in Bali. Amazing owners who want to make sure I have everything I need.

Diving deep with the women I trust and love and have gathered around me over the last year. Holding them, not only energetically, but actually being able to hold them in my arms. The excitement. The fear. And the knowing that on the other side of the jump is me, being divinely guided and supported by the Universe, held, like I hold him close after he jumps every single time.

Tell me, what is your next jump, your next adventure, your next courageous scary thing? What are the feelings going through you when you think of it? When you visualise it?

I invite you to trust that the Universe will catch you. If you hesitate in the moment you jump you might land in the water and it will take a moment before the Divine can lift you up to take another breath. Non of the desires you carry inside yourself are impossible. This beautiful higher power will make sure that you will meet, discover, be provided with whomever and whatever you need to fulfil them. And if you haven't gathered enough trust yet to believe this fully I invite you to borrow mine. Sending you so much Love&Light, Annika x