Deepening into Self Love

All of us, the whole family, is releasing on different levels on this Full Moon. The boys are waking up time after time for the last three nights, with head- and tummy aches, Dennis is burning right now with a high temperature and I'm not able to eat, feeling nauseous and exhausted through the pregnancy hormones. It's our last week here in Bali before we head over to the Philippines and it seems like the Full Moon is supporting us by showing us that even difficult situations like this we can handle through letting the release happen. Not everything is rainbows and sunshine and magic on this adventure. The natural ebb and flow is there, sickness and health, feeling fit and feeling tired...and I'm releasing the need to make it seem any other way. THIS is the human experience, bodies with limits, happiness and sadness, action and rest, flow and resistance - one non existent without the other. Without the law of polarity we get numb to the beauty, the health and the love that surrounds us, we need the contrast.

And so I'm using one of my favourite tools, my preferred version of ho'oponopono, the beautiful Hawaiian forgiveness prayer to go through this release: I'M SORRY I judged my body in my previous pregnancies for needing more rest while making a new human being from scratch I FORGIVE MYSELF for not wanting to show up when I feel depleted, for not wanting to show that this is part of my life too I THANK MYSELF for letting go of the need to appear like I have it all together - always I LOVE MYSELF, deeply and completely And you gorgeous Soul? What do you need to release? Where can you show yourself compassion, forgive and release to show up in a different, more authentic way? Not hiding parts of you in fear of judgement? The more we love ourselves the less important it gets what others think of us. This is just one of many tools I share in my pay what you can Self Love Journey course. More info right HERE!

I know you are doing your best. My Soul honours your Soul, Annika x