Birthing a new chapter

Are you experiencing labour at the moment? In this beautiful time of the year, going inwards, I'm looking back on this roller coaster of a year, in which I faced my deepest wounds and greatest fears and still survived. I know, I probably made it look quite easy...but a lot of it was sweat and tears and over and over fear and doubt came in.

Yesterday evening I had the chance to be on a live call with the inspiring Denise DT. She guided us through a meditation, meeting our "Future You". I had a conversation with "Annika in 3-5 years" with long long mermaid hair, living in my dream house close to the ocean, surrounded by rain forest, mum of 4 (haha, I know, really?!?) and we had a cup of tea in her healing space overlooking the beach. When I asked her what I need to do to get to this amazing place she is in life, she said:

"Remember when you birthed Aidan (my little almost 18 months old boy) in the pool in the living room? You prepared for this moment for so long, how did you get through the contractions? Because right now you are birthing a new chapter, a different life, a business and the life that comes with it, and all you are experiencing, the exhaustion, the fear, the doubting of your own strength and you remember that you felt like this before, when you were in labour? How did you get through it?"

Present me answered: "With love. And determination. With trust in my body and the believe of Mother Earth and Spirit supporting me, giving me energy when I need it. By knowing that there will be a point when I want to give up. And that that means that my baby is almost here. With Affirmations and Visualisations. I saw it happen with ease and joy already, it is already done. And with my beautiful support team around me and my husband bringing me to my inner Happy Place to recharge in between contractions. By feeling the magic."

"Yes" future me replied. "All of this. And by surrendering. Not resisting the movement of your muscles. Not trying to stop the process, giving up the control and taking it one surge at a time. Not trying to fight it or pretending it isn't happening. Surrendering to what is right in that moment. In the NOW, not yesterday, not tomorrow."

Surrender. With love and determination. Following the flow. Just like I did before. When I was rewarded by sitting on my own sofa, holding my baby in my arms. Thanks future you, I anchor this in.

Are you birthing a new chapter at the moment as well? Want support and guidance and someone holding the vision and keep you at your happy place when you can't? Please don't wait any longer, pm me.

To SURRENDER. To FLOW. To DETERMINATION. To LOVE. Always to LOVE. Happy Friday! Annika x