#MeToo 3rd step: Chose differently

The awareness the #MeToo campaign brought to the issue of harassment and assault stirred up a lot in me while I was looking back on countless situations in my life where I didn't even have the clarity to know why I was feeling icky or weird afterwards. Now I know. And my man and I had some deep conversations about what we can do as parents to heal this collective shadow and make sure our kids are aware and alert and know what to do if they get into a sticky situation. And of course we talked about what I and he can do to model it as that is the way our children learn from us - not by telling them, but showing them. I fear that all of this will be buried far too quickly again, as we all feel guilty around this, if not as an active part of harassing someone else at least as a judging one or even a passive one, enabling this behaviour. If you have had similar thoughts I invite you to watch this 6 part series of videos, showing "subtle" harassment and think about what you would/ could have done differently as a) the woman, b) the man and c) a witness in these situations. This is something that needs to matter to ALL of us, not depending on gender, so every single one of us can heal and chose differently/healthier next time. Sending you Love&Light, Annika x