My first Kundalini yoga class

photo credit goes to the incredible talented Iga S. from Blue Door Studio

Two nights ago I went to my first Kundalini yoga class in a tiny studio up the road from me in Midleton. The reason I went was that I received this action step in meditation last week, to specifically look for a Kundalini class. After having experienced the powerful gathering of energy when I was chanting with 1000 others at the Gabby Bernstein event in London a month ago and then having a similar experience chanting with the women at my Ireland retreat I really wanted to learn more and make this a regular part of my life. Also I missed movement with others, at least keeping my arms and upper body in use, as my legs won’t lift without causing pain at this stage in my pregnancy.

I had planned to go a week earlier, but felt too much pain to drive the 15 minutes there and back on the day. Also my Protective Maiden (that’s what I call the Ego/ the Head etc.) played up big time as she does every time I stretch myself outside my comfort zone and presented me with all the reasons why I shouldn’t go (“You can’t move.” And “They’re not gonna like you.” And “You can do this by yourself.”). I had connected with the lovely teacher, Shama, over Facebook and over the week I felt her energy around, in her posts, a like here and there from her, always a loving and kind and open. That took away some resistance and I got in my car after dinner and drove up.

The group of 5 women that gathered in the wonderful clear space that Shama created attached to her house, with beautiful Mother Earth energy around, ranged from total beginners to advanced students. Shama explained that each Kundalini class follows the same structure:

To open the class Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo is chanted three times. This mantra means, “I bow to the Creator, to the Divine Teacher within.” Then came the Kriya (complete set) Shama had picked, one that would connect us the creative energy of the Divine Mother. We did a combination of breathing (pranayama), movements (asana) and a beautiful mantra chanted, combined with a mudras. My absolute favourite during this and something that surprised me as an experienced energy healer was an exercise called earthquake, where we sat in easy pose, lifted our arm and started shaking our arms and hands until our whole body was moving. We did this for a couple of minutes and very quickly I felt my energy field vibrating around me it was almost like massive energy gloves around my hands. It was a fantastic feeling and showed me a way to show others how much energy each of carries in us.

Then we went into a relaxation (savasana) followed by some sounds from a gong or something similar and I was able to feel the sounds and see them through my third eye too, as my senses were so heightened.

Shama closed the class with the traditional song called “Long Time Sun”, inviting us to sing along. Here are the words: “May the long time sun shine upon you, All love surround you, And the pure light within you, Guide your way on.” This was followed by chanting the wonderful mantra “Sat Nam” three times, which means “Truth is my name”. Not only did I drive away from Shama’s place with the feeling of deep connection to the Divine, but also with the feeling that I had found a new friend, as she and I agreed to meet up for a tea to talk about the option of me hosting a monthly Red Tent/ New Moon Lodge in her space. For the last 18 months I have been calling in a circle of women with a Soul Connection to me and I believe Shama and me know each other already for a long time. The beautiful thing is that she said she feels the same.

This feels exciting and expansive, the mantras feel like I’m just remembering knowledge I carry within me and the whole flow of the class feels very natural. I believe that this is one of my next steps on my spiritual journey and I’m ever so grateful for Shama to provide the space and the teachings so close to me.

In 2011, when pole dancing called me, I would have never thought it would lead me to something like this. But it did. The quest for more flexibility on the pole led me to stretching, then yoga, pregnancy yoga and now kundalini. And to Shama, who is part of my rapidly growing Soul family.

I can’t wait to see where this little action step will lead me from here. And I trust it all will come in in Divine Timing, as always.

Sat Nam. Truth is my name.

My Soul honours your Soul.

Annika x