Reflection on my first Ireland Retreat 2017

"Us women" - Credit goes to Melina Rüegg

Drawing by Melina Rüegg, representing the Circle of the beautiful Souls who came together at my retreat

Putting into words what hosting my first Soul-Led retreat in the mountains of West Cork at one of the places I feel home has done for me feels next to impossible. In fact it left me quiet, almost speechless. You need to know: There was no plan other then when. I didn't know and couldn't have dreamed of what magic and beauty unfolded by just following any guidance I got, trusting in Divine Timing and providing nourishment on all levels, for the body, the mind, the spirit, the energetic field and the emotions. Every day, in fact several times a day I worked through my own ego/ Protective Maiden, trying to come up and taking control over the "program" again. Whenever I surrendered and followed my Inner Voice instead we ended up with miracles. Belief, Trust, Knowing, all of these are fuelled by proof...and proof we got in these days, over and over again. I'm in complete awe of the 5 women who joined me on this journey, these brave women who I consider my Soul Sisters now, our bond and our love for each other SO STRONG. With all the intense work we did together, releasing, shedding old versions of ourselves to then step into a new version, even more us then before, sinking into our divine feminine as deeply as possible, gaining awareness around our sabotages and patterns and the way we can live more consciously and present in this very moment. I learned that this is the way I lead, not charging ahead, showing the way, everyone following my orders. I lead by BEING. Receiving guidance and acting on it. Sitting in circle. Asking questions and then again blending in as one of them. Modelling, sharing how I work through my own sh*t so they can find ways to work through theirs. Sharing my tools and my Truth with them, so they can find their own. Holding space for whatever needs to emerge in that very moment. Seeing their Soul and reflecting it back to them, so they can see themselves like I do. So at the end I left another layer behind, being even more of who I am. And every single one of them left the retreat forever changed, with a clear vision of who they are and how they want to show up in the world. Lit up and ready to share their light with their own communities and tribes. Living a life filled to the brim with JOY and LOVE! The beautiful picture above was done by Melina, who surrendered to her inner artist and captured the essence of all attending so fully. The Roots and the Spirit Connection and our Bond, which we will keep up with monthly calls for the next year. You'll never know where surrender takes you, but I can tell you one thing for sure: It makes the most CONNECTED and GLORIOUS experiences possible. Sending you Love&Light, Annika x