Without Internet at home the days are slow and sweet and the sun is out most of the time, so we enjoy this time running barefoot in the grass, collecting daisies and making flower crowns and necklaces. Settling into our new home by filling the cupboards, the walls and closets only with essentials and things that bring us joy, chosing carefully with what we surround ourselves.

Blowing bubbles, strawberry picnic under the big tree, playing ball...and then off to the beach, each day filled to the brim and each night our heads hit the pillow, ready to sleep. How often do we forget how beautiful life unplugged can be, how often do we get caught up comparing all of our life to the social media highlights of others? How many times do we lose perspective by staring on a screen, a tiny window into the big world while OUR world, OUR life passes by?

This, this house, this garden, my partner, my children, the little baby in my belly kicking, this is what my world is made of these days. And I'm so grateful for this forced unplugged time!

Sending Love&Light into your tiny world,

Annika x