Why do you go away...?

It's here. The week we're returning to Ireland, to our beloved Cork, from our "long" trip. Much earlier than planned. Nevertheless in perfect, no, DIVINE timing for US! Wednesday night Cork has us back. We're already setting intentions and talking about details and the things we want to fill this new chapter with. And I'm already looking forward to walking through the little streets of Cork again, looking over the river Lee, driving the narrow roads, visiting old favourites and exploring new places we have not been before. Seeing it all with fresh eyes again. Building a new life in the country that saw us grow up together. I know for some of you not much has changed in the few months we were gone. But our life changes and evolves so rapidly that it honestly feels like years have gone by, not months. With all the experiences we had and the growth we went through, as individuals AND as family. It will be fascinating to come back with such a different perspective, forever changed. It's time for us to be able to process all we learned and experienced.

Sometimes you have to live a dream to see that it's not like you imagined it. Sometimes you need to DO something to find a way that works even better for you. This wonderful adventure has brought us even closer to the next version, how we want to design our life, it has never been clearer to me than right now. And honestly: I CAN'T WAIT TO COME BACK HOME! Sending Love&Light your way,

Annika x