Episode 003 - Diving deep into our emotions with Catherine Navarro

"We are constantly in creation. Your come from will affect the Outcome and it's your choice where you come from."

Catherine Navarro is an empowerment coach and energy healer who helps women communicate and enjoy their power in relationships and sexuality.

Her clients are powerful women who can be mistaken as closed off, stressed out, and aggressive. They go from angry, stressed, frustrated, sexually unfulfilled, and uncomfortable in their bodies and sex lives to having an amazing sex life, amazing relationships romantic and otherwise, feeling orgasmic, beautiful and sexy without having to lose those last 20 pounds.

She helps you release the societal programming that keeps us stuck in our heads and confined in our sexuality. Society has caused women to lose a lot of their natural feminine energy which takes away much of your natural power. Learning to balance your feminine by choice is your true power.

She works with your mindset, energy, perfectionism, and helps you tap into the power of your sexual energy in a way that gives you access to a part of you that has likely gone dormant over a lifetime or lifetimes of societal programming. In other words you learn to come empowered from what you want not what you’ve been taught to want.

You can find her at catherinenavarro.com and on Facebook! If you want to know more about Spiral Dynamics you can start here. This is Catherine's favourite Happy Song: Gene Kelly - Singing in the Rain