Episode 011 - Food&Soul Freedom with Rachel Foy

"What makes me happy today might not make me happy tomorrow."

Rachel Foy AKA The Food Freedom Coach is a UK based eating psychology mindset coach. She works with smart ambitious women to stop fighting food, make peace with their body and take their life back so food and weight obsession are no longer a part of it. A former diet junkie and exercise addict, she battled with eating disorders for 14 years.

Since starting her business she has helped hundreds of women end their food struggles and body hatred through her group program, the Food Freedom Masterclass and her highly sought after 1:1 mentoring program. With a background in clinical and cognitive hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Eating Psychology, nutritional therapy and EFT (emotional freedom technique), Rachel’s approach to helping a women heal her relationship with food and ultimately herself is a multi dimensional approach….

Her passion for helping women find their food freedom has seen her live and work in Dubai before returning to the UK in 2016. Rachel’s first book is due for publication in spring 2017 and her podcast ‘Ditch The Diet Radio’ is available on iTunes (You can catch me being interviewed by her in Episode 17! <3)



IG: www.instagram.com/rachelfoyofficial/

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