Episode 010 - Raw, Real and Unleashed™ with Katie Lipman

"Give yourself permission to know what it is that makes you happy and have the courage to go after them."

Katie Lipman is a speaker, an empowerment coach and a singer and has been on this journey of entrepreneurship for over ten years. She spends the majority of her time coaching Men and Women from around the world and facilitating courses and group programs that help people to express themselves in a powerful and authentic way.

Katie moved from England to Canada at the age of 18 after spending most of her childhood being painfully shy, holding back her gifts and saying no to the things she really wanted to do because of fear. Shortly after she settled in Canada, Katie experienced the most powerful and magical spiritual awakening that catapulted her into a journey of discovering what she was truly meant to do in the world.

In 2007, after realizing that the healing arts were a part of her souls work, Katie quit her full time job, gave up her apartment and her car and put everything she had into going back to school to become a Massage Therapist. She quickly built a successful and soulful Six figure business that became recognized in her local community, winning several awards and becoming one of the most authentic and sacred spaces for healing in the local area.

After 8 years of being a Massage Therapist, Intuitive Healer and the owner of a successful healing arts center, Katie began to realize that her real work in the world is about expression and speaking to audiences about living an authentic life. She decided to close down the healing center she had owned for 4 years and take a leap into the unknown, focusing on coaching, leading and inspiring a global audience.

In 2016, Katie created Raw, Real and Unleashed™ which started out as a Facebook group and quickly became a movement and her personal brand. Today, Katie takes Raw, Real and Unleashed™ onto stages in the form of a LIVE event where she creates a platform for her audience to discover what they came to the world to do, and to harness the courage within to get out there and do it! In her coaching work, she helps her clients to be the fullest, most authentic version of themselves by supporting them to own and share their gifts and talents and to express themselves freely with raw vulnerability and authenticity. She works with both Men and Women who are creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, intuitives, healers, coaches.....anyone with a strong desire to serve others and make massive impact in the world through their "art".

One of the most important things to Katie is being REAL. She truly believes that it is this authenticity that creates a magnetic presence in life and in business and it leads to that feeling of freedom so many of us desire during our time on this earth! With this commitment to authenticity, Katie has developed her own magnetic presence that is giving her the opportunity to earn abundantly, travel, do the things that she loves as often as she desires and of course, make massive impact in the lives of others!

Katie offers talks on stages big and small, private 1:1 coaching for those looking to UNLEASH themselves from fear and of course, music performances of many kinds!

You can listen to her podcast #RawTalks on iTunes and Google Play and of course, join the Raw, Real and Unleashed™ Facebook community for support and high vibe energy!

You can also find her at www.KatieLipman.com

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