Episode 009 - Love never ends with Carrie Cardozo

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about dancing in the rain."

Carrie Cardozo, the Empowerment Priestess, is a psychic business and success strategist. She works with both men and women who are ready to make a big impact in their life and their business. These people are here to create massive change, to make huge impacts and to do it with their business. I guide people to create, build and expand their business so that they are able to make the shifts and create the impact that their business, their message and their special gifts are here to make. She uses her channeling abilities and her mastery of energy to create massive shifts, heal what needs changing and create sustainable and successful businesses that make huge impacts.

At the age of 19, after graduating from a very prestigious all girls school and deep into her freshman year at a top college, she found out she was pregnant. Being a firm believer in taking care of her own responsibilities Carrie made a very hard decision to leave college at that time, put her dreams on hold, get married and become a mother. She spent the next 9 years being a stay at home mom to her three kids, working part time managing businesses and taking classes.

At the age of 29, after living for most of her married life unhappy and eventually sick, she filed for divorce and entered the full-time work field as a Business and Operations Manager in a multiple business corporation. Her dedication, natural business abilities, and way of relating to people allowed her to become extremely successful in her job, aiding in raising the level of the company to more than double their revenue in just under 4 years.

Everything came to a stop in February of 2014 when a very tragic event shifted the entire course of her life. After many months of struggle, things falling apart in many areas of her life, soul-searching and exploring who she really was, Carrie began her transformation. She allowed her psychic abilities, that she had ignored since she was a young child, to finally open up and help her to heal herself and her life.

Carrie now uses her abilities and her many life challenges to help others see who they really are, to get over challenges and tragic situations from their past, and to really embrace all the lessons they were meant to learn and grow from while living in this life. Her clients have gone on to create successful businesses and lives they live with pure passion. She not only works with her private coaching clients but she also hosts a weekly podcast called Breaking Through Walls, and runs a FREE support Facebook Group for anyone looking to truly change their life and create one they were always meant to live.

Carrie’s mission is to help as many people as possible and to touch as many lives as she can through her work so that others have the chance to heal, grow and evolve into exactly the unique person and soul that they already are deep inside and live out their purpose.

Find out more about Carrie and her work at carriecardozo.com or connect to her over facebook right HERE