Episode 005 - Presence lesson with Elsewine Rietveld

"Be aware and grateful of all the little things that are already good in your life."

My name is Elsewine, former deer in headlights when it came to public speaking & videos, now teaching others how to speak with confidence and impact in all conversations, presentations and videos.

I'm from the Netherlands and as a student I was so afraid to speak in public and on videos. It was an interesting journey of weekly debates in two (English speaking) clubs and national/international tournaments, overcoming blocks & fears with kinesiology and learning how to master my Presence that helped me overcome these fears.

I work with entrepreneurs and professionals who want to feel more confident and speak with impact in all their conversations, presentations and on video. I work with a lot of experienced speakers too, and after more than 3 years working in person, I’m just about to launch my first online training.The beta-testing group is raving about the practical tools they get already, and we're only half way in the course!

Switzerland is my favorite place to be and love to hike in the mountains (and it's a perfect place to find chocolate too - I love dark chocolate).

You can find out more about Elsewine and her teachings at her website www.elsewine.com


Like I promised here is a playlist of classical music for you:

The Best of Classical Music