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You wish there was more Magic in your life?
Miraculous circumstances and synchronicities? (Seriously, who doesn't?)
Have you always dreamed of being a Witch
- but you don't know where to start?

I get it, most of the information on witchcraft out there is overwhelming,
so not practical and completely outdated after the massive global energy changes that happened recently.


Maybe on your spiritual journey
you came across the witches' path before,
dipped your toes in
- and fell off the wagon due to complicated rituals and disconnecting language.

Or you have started as a solitary witch and feel lonely and like you need to hide your witchy side most of the time. When your "woo-woo-side" shines through it is dismissed, frowned upon or met with blank stares

It doesn't have to be like this gorgeous!

Make Magic work for YOU!

When traditional witchcraft is integrated into your life and you find your own
balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine in you, your life flows.


You feel comfortable in your body
- and if sickness comes you know what to do. 

ituals and spells are no longer words out of fairytales,
but part of your every day life and remind you that you are
connected to something bigger.

You regularly sit in sacred circle with other like minded women, every single one on their own path, forming a powerful, loving and respectful community.

Your sisters cheer you on, witness you and your growth and support you with knowledge and love when you need it.


wɪtʃ/          noun

a woman thought to have magic powers, especially evil ones, popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat and flying on a broomstick.

a fully connected woman, standing confidently in her power, owning all her knowledge and magic and using it to create the life SHE truly came here to live.

In case we haven't met:

Hi, my name is Annika Suoma Frey.
I was born and raised in Germany and had the pleasure of receiving an introduction to the basic concepts of witchcraft growing up - both through my Grandma and my mum.

I have been actively on the self development path for the last 15 years and have been a practising solitary witch since we moved to Ireland 2010.

For the last 2 years I have developed and taught 10 online live courses, letting my Soul lead to the content of the next course.

I'm excited to meet you in the Witch Unleashed Training Coven and am looking forward to see what change this will bring for YOU!

Sending you Love&Light!


You know HER. The WITCH in the crowd.

You can spot her when she enters the room.
Wise one, Inspiring everyone around her, Trusting that she is where she needs to be exactly when she needs to be, Charismatic and Healing just with her presence.

She may or may not stand out through her appearance, but she definitely stands out through her
confidence, the way she laughs and talks and moves, fully embodied. She has a twinkle in her eye, she sees you when she looks at you, she listens when you speak. Her life is filled with adventures and every day miracles. She soaks up knowledge and grows every day. She isn't afraid to look at her own sabotages and limits, ready to expand them. She always looks like she knows more than what she says.

You want to be like her, you see her
magic because you carry it inside you too. She mirrors your potential back to you.
And when you look at her you long to remember,
unleash your own WITCH.


The Witch

Training Coven 

is a unique blend of BEING&DOING through sacred online circles & knowledge calls to introduce you to witchcraft as a way of life that is practical and relevant in our world NOW!

Coven = Gathering of Witches

I'm calling you, calling you, calling YOU in.
Come into circle my sister.
Come out of hiding, let's gather and remember how 
POWERFUL every single one of us is. Together.

I know you are hearing the call of your Soul to embrace HER.
It's time!

I know it's time, I'm ready!

Part 1:
Sacred Circles

Every Full and every New Moon we will come together in an online circle, sharing sacred space together, deepening into our magic. Experience the power of women coming together in a group, the beauty of being seen and witnessed. Through ritual we will laugh, we will cry and we will heal together.

We start with our first Sacred Circle on the New Moon in March.

New Moon dates:
March 17th / April 16th / May 15th / June 13th

Full Moon dates:
March 31st / April 30th / May 29th

These online circles are designed to stand alone, meaning that if you can't make it live I'll send you a replay afterwards.

Weave Magic into your everyday life!

Quarter Moon dates:
March 24th / April 8th / April 22nd
May 8th / May 22nd / June 6th
AIR: BE(coming) a Witch / Pathworking 
FIRE: Casting a Circle/ Rites&Rituals
WATER: Mooncycles 
EARTH: The Wheel of the Year
SHADOW: Source connection
LIGHT: Spellcraft and Herbs

Part 11: 
Knowledge Circles

On Quarter Moons we will have a closer look at the basics of traditional witchcraft and how they can be applied to our modern life in a way that feels GOOD and makes your life EASIER, not more complicated. This will be done in Circle as well, as I believe that everyone is a student AND a teacher.


I'm well aware that you are on your own path and that this curriculum might already be too basic. Or it might not be of interest to you how I integrated these basics as you have found your own way already. 

Bonus: The Facebook Group and the membership page

Between calls you can ask questions and connect with other witches in our community space in Facebook. Here you can also share your circle experiences, your miracles and BIG visions. My intention is to provide a safe container where you can fully be your magical self.

The replays of the Circles and the knowledge calls will be available
over a membership site.

Melina R., Artist Healer

If you're just so much as thinking about joining, DO IT! Annika is a gorgeous, beautiful teacher who will guide you through with so much love and support. She creates space to learn, explore and find your unique gifts.

We START on the 17th of March
Registration ends in

Ready to unleash your Witch?
Chose the option that suits you best!

Collective Magic

For the experienced witch:

Join us for the Circles
at Full and New Moon


505 €

177 € for 3 month

Burning Desire

For the curious witch:

Knowledge on Quarters
Circles on Full and New Moon

888 € 

333 € for 3 month

Full Liberation

For the luxurious witch:

Knowledge on Quarters
Circles on Full and New Moon
2 x 1:1 sessions

1111 €
444 € for 3 month


Let's have some FUN and a MAGICAL time!

14 days money back guarantee


I know how powerful this space will be. I also know that this is not for everyone.
If, at any stage in the first two weeks you realise that this is not the place for you to be I'll send you your money back - no questions asked and no judgement attached. Promised!

Before you join I want you to know that...

...it doesn't matter what religious background you are coming from. For me being a witch is a way of life, not a religion and it goes hand in hand with any religious system I have come across so far.

...there is
NO expectation that you go out into the woods and dance naked under the moon. You're more than welcome to do so if you wish though. You DO you.

...I will keep our
Circles between 60 and 90 minutes, so you can fit them easily into your day.

...what is shared in the coven stays in the coven.
If you don't feel comfortable with the thought of others knowing you are curious about witchcraft there is

no need to come out of the (broom) closet before joining us.

...for this training coven we will have a coven agreement sent to you before we begin. In case you don't agree simply reply and I'll send you your money back.

...the only thing
you will need is a blank journal, which will be your Book of Shadows, a good internet connection and a curious, open mind and heart. You don't need to buy anything else  to start weaving magic into your life.

Okay, I want to be part of this!

Veronika S., Forest Witch

When I attended the first online circle with Annika I had no idea what the following months would change. [...] Today, 7ish months later, I´m here. A complete different woman, yet the same, but so much more.
More whole, more calm, more satisfied, more fulfilled, more in every possible way.

Janice O'C., JMOC Spiritual 

Annika, THANK YOU!!  For helping me see, listen and sit, with myself, so I can do it better with others.  It was always inside of me, but I wasn't willing to allow it out to play.  I can do that now, due to your gentle, firm, loving support that helped guide me through myself.


The Witch

Training Coven 

is for you if:

You are a woman
and 21 or older

The word WITCH speaks 
to you on a Soul  Level

You believe in something BIGGER than yourself

You crave a
spiritual community

You know that our planet needs MAGIC  

You want regular rituals in your life

Side effects may include
* increased confidence
* knowing your 

*...and using them too!
* Trust in yourself & your choices
* understanding and working the universal laws
* instant manifestations
*deeper connection to nature & the seasons

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