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You found your way to the Sisterhood of the Ivy Lineage. May you discover your own inner Witch, reclaim the sacred knowledge you carry inside and remember how powerful you truly are!
You're invited to explore the offerings on this site and feel what draws you in and sparks your curiosity.

I'm excited you're here!

Annika x

Wisdom Keeper and Founder of
the Ivy Lineage



The Sisterhood of the Ivy Lineage is a rapidly growing community of solitary witches around the world. Founded in 2020 by Annika Suoma Frey ~ after writing her book WITCH: Woman in Transition coming Home – Reclaim&Embody your Magic ~ its purpose is to support those who walk the path of the witch in their studies. By weaving modern technology and ancient wisdom together we meet in circles  – on- and offline – to explore what it means to be a witch, our roots and how we can deepen our devotion to our craft, so humanity and our planet can benefit. We are building a network of light, where you can meet other magical truth seekers and nature lovers and nurture these connections.

"Working with Annika is extraordinary. She has a way of making you believe in yourself and give you courage to do things you thought you could never do. She inspires you from a place of soul connection where she walks the walk. She leads the way for you to do the 'scary' things despite the fear because you learn to trust yourself and trust your deeper knowing. I want to give an unbelievably huge thank you to Annika for allowing me to grow and expand to become part of the person I've always wanted to be. Here is to reaching for the stars despite the occasional darkness.
Highly recommend working with her to anyone who is ready to take that leap into a more soul-aligned life of ease and flow."

- Jesse McC.
Toronto, Canada

Curious how it all began?



Online Circles 2021

celebrating the turning of the Witches' Wheel
Sundays, 4pm CEST

Imbolc: 31st of January
Ostara: 21st of March
Beltane: 2nd of May
Litha: 20th of June
Lammas: 1st of August
Mabon: 19th of September
Samhain: 31st of October

Already have plans for this date and time?
No problem. Shortly after the gathering ends the recording of the official part will make it's way into your inbox, so you can celebrate when it's convenient for you.

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What to expect from our
Online Witchcircle

Are you curious and want to come to our next online circle, but can’t imagine how that actually works? No problem, here is a short summary for you:

We meet at the agreed time in a secure meeting room in Zoom.

Once everyone arrived we light a candle, sing a song and connect to ourselves and the other women in the circle. Once we are centred and present I’ll connect the circle of witchsisters on an energetic level and cast a protective circle around us, calling in the elements to assist. Then I’ll give you some more information about the celebration we have gathered for. Afterwards I’ll lead you into a path working journey/guided meditation related to our topic. And at the end we draw a card together (you’re welcome to bring your own deck if you want to) for the next six weeks until we meet again. Then the official part of our meeting is over, I’ll open the casted circle and stop the recording. Without being recorded everyone can feel safe to express themselves in the sharing circle that follows. According to the simple rules I will share with you beforehand you can tell us as much or as little about your experience as you wish. In total our circle is about 60-75 minutes long and has always the intention to nurture your connection to nature and strengthen your trust in your own magic. After waving goodbye to each other I always recommend to take a moment to return slowly into your every day life.

Sounds like something you’d enjoy? Then come and join us at the next event to test out if this magical women’s circle is as beautiful for you as it is for me!


What is a Witch?


A witch is a woman who dedicates her life to explore the interconnectedness of all things. Who studies nature and it’s cycles, finds her place in them and surrenders to it, who integrates herself into the big picture. Who learns to focus her energy, (co-)creates new things and uses her magic to make positive changes. As witch she contributes to bring more balance into this world.

This is my definition for my own understanding. For me being a witch is not connected to religion or other outside circumstances. It doesn’t exclude other genders, many witches present fluid and I also met male witches too. Can you identify yourself with the definition above, witchsister? Let's find out what being a witch means to you!

Sisterhood of the Ivy Lineage

There is an invisible net
Of light
Spanning our planet
Magical women

Their miraculous bodies
Are their temple
Finding the sacred
In forests and rivers
Oceans and mountains
Waterfalls and rays of sunshine

Listening to the whispers
Of the Universe
Through the wind
And the animals
Number sequences
And Books randomly opened

Devoting their life
To move humanity
Into a new age
New technology
With ancient wisdom

Moved by Spirit
Wild and free
On their Soulpath
They do and say
What needs to be done
And needs to be said

They are resilient
Able to adapt
To any circumstance
Supported by their roots

That is
The Sisterhood
Of the Ivy Lineage.

© 2016-2021 Annika Suoma Frey